What we build Swazuna's patent protected products are built using the intellectual properties developed by the company and are offered as a cloud service
One Stop Solution for HR Managers, Recruitment Agencies and Training Institutions to screen candidates efficiently and enrich recruiting efforts with HireGate's Video Interviewing Platform
  • HireGate.in, an AI based Talent Acquisition System is for enterprises and recruitment agencies. It is a one stop solution for HR Managers to find pre-assessed and creamy layer of profiles for their requirements and schedule further rounds of interviews with pre-assessed candidates. This helps HR managers to fill an open position with almost 80 percent lesser time. HireGate.in can also be used by enterprises to conduct live video interviews, code challenges and candidate evaluations through VideoTok meeting room consisting of tools like coding panel, whiteboard, chat and job based feedback rating system. Swazuna is working on an AI based talent acquisition system through which the companies can completely automate their interview process. An AI based system that takes job description as input, searches for matching profiles in FaceInterview.com, LinkedIn, enterprises own databases, etc. and mines out the best matching profiles for the requirements. Our virtual schedulers then communicate with these potential candidates through emails or SMS and automatically schedule an interview with our AI Interview bots that are programmed to conduct live interviews on an audio/video platform, post questions, challenges to the candidates and provide the enterprises with the recording of the complete proceeding for them to review and act
A pre-assessment platform for jobseekers to showcase their talent to the hiring managers, reduce interview anxiety, boost confidence and grab the dream job
  • FaceInterview facilitates a Video Interviewing Network where industry experts are crowd-sourced to pre assess and mentor jobseekers. These video assessments are rated, recorded, and archived, helping jobseekers to showcase their talent to the HR Managers. While doing so, it indirectly covers the first few rounds of interviews for the enterprises. FaceInterview provides a public profile for every jobseeker through which they can showcase their video assessments in their traditional resume or social network. Jobseekers can also record a one minute video pitch in FaceInterview.com which is a great way to build connection with HR managers looking for talent. There is a big disconnect between corporate and talented Job-seekers from remote cities. We bridge the gap through our video interviewing platform. Location is no more a constraint for corporates to fill an open position with talented jobseekers. Using FaceInterview in shared or their own cloud environment, the corporate can review pre assessed video profiles and conduct live video interviews through our secured IP VideoTok; thus, reducing the ‘time to hire’ and ‘cost to hire’ and pick the best talent faster.